May 2019 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our May 2019 Employee of the Month, Karen Waluk!

Karen, the Director of Quality Assurance, was nominated by Bonnie Lozada, for the following reasons:

  • “I see Karen live and breathe our corporate values on a regular and consistent basis. She sets expectations early on and empowers her staff to always get better by helping them push the limits of their skill set; while at the same time, building and maintaining genuine partnerships. Karen has a special way of building partnerships, she gets personal in real life and online.”
  • “She is stretched across many of our teams.”
  • “She has great internal customer service.”
  • “She is the only member of leadership that is consistently recognized in Bonusly. This means people appreciate her.” (She was the fourth highest earner of Bonusly points in 2018.)

It is for all these reasons and so many more, that we would like to recognize Karen Waluk this month.