Ask the CEO: Why is culture at CDP so important?

Recently during our monthly All Hands meeting, I reviewed the CDP culture deck with our staff. We developed the culture deck a couple of years ago as a tool to communicate CDP values during our onboarding process for new staff. It was also developed as a way to reinforce what our existing staff already knew – that working for CDP was unlike working for most large companies or organizations. The values we live and breathe everyday are the difference.

At our core, we value our relationships, both internally and externally. This means we respect everyone’s contributions. All of our staff and all of our customers have a seat at the table. We listen, we comment, and we decide our way forward based on what’s best for all. Because we are a private company, we don’t have public shareholders to report to. We don’t have quarterly or annual financial targets to meet. Our relationships are paramount because they determine our long-term success. When everyone feels empowered, everyone succeeds.

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Stan Cochran

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Going Beyond WIC

At CDP, we pride ourselves on being one of the nation’s top Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) providers, which is impressive since we’ve only been in the WIC EBT business since 2009. We may have nestled into a comfortable position with WIC, but there’s a whole lot more to what we offer.

We want to provide a clear and complete picture for public health providers. That is why all our products can be integrated, which creates a single, holistic patient record. This single snapshot that can be utilized across public health services will help reduce the amount of data entry, possible mistakes, and most importantly, time. The time freed up allows public health providers to do what they do best—provide quality patient care.

In line with current trends and the overall public acceptance and growing expectation of doing business and receiving services electronically, we continue moving forward with initiatives that will enhance our solutions to meet the needs of our governmental client base all the while focused on three important pieces: security, portability and interoperability. Products and services available outside of WIC EBT include that can be integrated:

Environmental health services

Since 1983 we have provided environmental health solutions improving service delivery and workforce development for environmental health specialists, auditors, and consultants throughout the complete inspection and permitting management process.

Electronic Medical Records

In a partnership with ezEMRx since 2006, we provide project management, implementation, and operations services for the ezEMRx electronic health record (EHR) product.

ezEMRx is a Certified EHR, meeting the certification criteria as a complete EHR. The product was designed for public health, servicing households using sliding fee scales and coordinating services such as family health, immunizations, preventative screenings, and WIC. This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

With the strategic partnership between CDP and ezEMRx, you gain our project management, implementation, and operations support in combination with an electronic health records solution that was built with public health departments in mind. For more information about ezEMRx’s features and certifications, see

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October 2018 Employee of the Month


Congratulations to Trysh Thompson for being named October 2018’s Employee of the Month. Her nomination was provided by Michelle Goins, Director of Customer Service and Support.

“Trysh works on every RFP we receive, she does an amazing job with documentation but she does so much more. She has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the Website, all of our social media, and even has assisted me with graphics for CDP signs and advertising. Anytime I go to her with a question she is there to answer it, if I need help with a document she drops everything to help. It’s not just me, she does it for everyone. I know there are a million more things she does but these are just a few.”