May 2019 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our May 2019 Employee of the Month, Karen Waluk!

Karen, the Director of Quality Assurance, was nominated by Bonnie Lozada, for the following reasons:

  • “I see Karen live and breathe our corporate values on a regular and consistent basis. She sets expectations early on and empowers her staff to always get better by helping them push the limits of their skill set; while at the same time, building and maintaining genuine partnerships. Karen has a special way of building partnerships, she gets personal in real life and online.”
  • “She is stretched across many of our teams.”
  • “She has great internal customer service.”
  • “She is the only member of leadership that is consistently recognized in Bonusly. This means people appreciate her.” (She was the fourth highest earner of Bonusly points in 2018.)

It is for all these reasons and so many more, that we would like to recognize Karen Waluk this month.

March 2019 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our March 2019 employee of the month, developer and CMS team lead, Walter Wells. His nomination came from Mark Cole.

“I would like to recognize Walter’s hard work this month… After quite a bit of research [into an issue] and some outside help from Jonathan, we implemented some updates that… turned out to just be band aids that helped but didn’t alleviate the problems. Walter took one of his weekends and totally recoded [a feature] and after programmer testing and QA approval we implemented the changes… the problem was fixed.

Walter wears a variety of different hats every day that he comes to work and in this case he put on his hard hat.”

February 2019 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Virginia Maloney for being named CDP’s February employee of the month. She earned this distinction for being so conscientious of her fellow employees and our customers during the polar vortex. She is truly the embodiment of our family-first culture.

“Everyone here at the Romeoville office is really a family–we all care about each other and try to fill in and do what we can do so that there’s no interruption in service to our customers. With the unbelievable cold weather we’re having here, everyone is working together to assure our customers still get the best service possible.”

Thank you so much, Virginia!

December 2018 Employees of the Month


Our employees were so awesome in November we had the opportunity to name two employees of the month for December.

The nomination came from Director of Sales and Marketing, Mike Peth.

“I’d like to recommend both Michelle Manuel and Lori Calderone for joint-EOM for the month of November. Their efforts leading up to, deploying and support after the major ezEMRx release on November 5, 2018 were nothing short of outstanding. Testing, working round the clock with our partner, preparing release notes and training videos for our customers, working with Netops and Customer Support are just a few of the tasks they did superbly. There were many hurdles thrown at them during this period … all of which were handled professionally and effectively. The two of them did all this while also working on the implementation of several new clients. For these reasons and many more, I would like to nominate both Michelle & Lori as co-EOM.”

Congratulations to Michelle and Lori!

October 2018 Employee of the Month


Congratulations to Trysh Thompson for being named October 2018’s Employee of the Month. Her nomination was provided by Michelle Goins, Director of Customer Service and Support.

“Trysh works on every RFP we receive, she does an amazing job with documentation but she does so much more. She has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the Website, all of our social media, and even has assisted me with graphics for CDP signs and advertising. Anytime I go to her with a question she is there to answer it, if I need help with a document she drops everything to help. It’s not just me, she does it for everyone. I know there are a million more things she does but these are just a few.”

September 2018 Employee of the Month


Congratulations to Scott Pralle, EBT Account Manager, for being CDP’s September 2018 Employee of the Month. His nomination was sent in by Amy Duncan, Director of the Project Management Office.

“Scott Pralle has gone above and beyond his role as the EBT Account Manager to support more than just our clients, but also the retailer community by troubleshooting, researching, seeking resolutions, and engaging other CDP teams to ensure our clients can serve the vulnerable WIC population.

Additionally, he has taken the initiative to learn more and more about Data Direct  so that he can be the first responder to client questions about the product. He has been able to provide training, information, and responses to client questions so that the end users get the most out of this product.

I want to recognize Scott’s accomplishments as he is defining the EBT Account Manager role and continually demonstrating that CDP’s people are the best in the business.”

July 2018 Employee of the Month

July’s employee of the month, nominated by Vice President of Operations, Steve Marston and Virginia Maloney, is Mike Combs.

In addition to all he handles on a normal day, he has been taking it upon himself to help train users and correct files so that month-end remittance processing can take place on time. Additionally, he’s pulled some late nights, followed immediately by early mornings, and kept right on going.

He has embodied the notion of teamwork, helping out, and leadership, which is what makes him such a great addition to CDP.

June 2018 Employee of the Month

certificate for employee of the month

The June 2018 Employee of the Month was nominated by Marvin Barlow, and he had this to say:

“Jenine has worked many years, too many to name,  for CDP in home health and is one of those employees who does her job day in and day out but gets very little recognition. To ensure that she is knowledgeable on all aspects of home health, she is constantly researching policies, procedures, and billing requirements from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicaid, and commercial payers. She is respected by our clients because of her work ethic, professionalism, and personal relationship that she develops with each one, which is one reason that we have been able to retain many of our home health clients for more than 35 years.

“She is very passionate about the benefits of what home health care provides for the patient and family.”

Congratulations Jenine.

May 2018: Employees of the Month

There is so much going on at CDP right now, that it’s hard to narrow it down to a single employee to recognize for the month of June, so we are recognizing two employees.

Both employees were nominated by Treasurer, Kelly Pralle, and she had this to say:

Bonnie has made a dramatic impact on the processes in Human Resources (HR) and I truly appreciate her efforts, knowledge, attitude, and patience.

Wayne has worn many hats here at CDP, and the one he wears now is probably one of the most stressful. I appreciate all he is doing in the recruiting process and getting the necessary information when requested.

Congratulations to HR Specialist, Bonnie Lozada, and the Director of Recruiting and Resource Management, Wayne Smith, for being the May 2018 employees of the month. Thank you for all that you do.